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  1. Plural of answer

Extensive Definition is a website that presents reference content in over four million entries, collected from multiple sources. Launched in January 2005, the website is the primary product of the Answers Corporation () (previously GuruNet), an Israel-based Internet reference company with offices in New York City and Jerusalem and founded by Bob Rosenschein in 1999.


Answers Corporation also owns WikiAnswers, a Q&A site that uses a wiki engine to improve questions and answers. It is the second-largest Q&A site after Yahoo! Answers. Answers has stated that it intends to bring the two sites much closer together in order to provide various types of answers to its visitors -- both encyclopedic and "community-based".


  • Robert S Rosenschein, chairman of the board, president, chief executive officer
  • Steven Steinberg, chief financial officer, secretary
  • Bruce D Smith, chief strategic officer
  • Jeff Schneiderman, chief technical officer
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